Who We Are

“Senior Solutions came into being 18 years ago in Rochester, New York at the request (plea) of several “adult children” who were friends of mine and dealing with parents who were no longer safe in their own home.  The parents refused any help from their adult children.  My friends were exhausted and frustrated with their parents and each other.  They suggested that there needed to be a service that would “handle” the issues for them with their parents… a service that could respond to the needs of their parents and also free them (the adult children) from the frustration that came from their inability to influence their parents and relieve the tension among themselves.  After facilitating many focus groups on the idea, Senior Solutions was formed.

Since moving to Charlottesville, Virginia in 2004, through Senior Solutions I have continued to be an advocate for seniors and their families, helping them find satisfactorily resolution to the changes and challenges that aging presents while maintaining everyone’s dignity.  I am grateful for the opportunity to help seniors and their families find a safe, secure and satisfying lifestyle regardless of the individual situation, need and/or wants.”

Sue Liberman, CSA, principal consultant and President of Senior Solutions of Charlottesville

Addressing A Need

Helping Families with SeniorsToday, Senior Solutions guides and supports families and manages services for elders that may include:

  • Consulting services to explore individual needs
  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Assistance in the Home
  • Options and opportunities appropriate to the individual situation
  • Downsizing, relocation and resettlement
  • Escorted relocation travel

The goal of Senior Solutions of Charlottesville is to provide a path that will allow a family to function in a relatively calm and emotionally safe environment during changes in the life situations of their elders, a time that is normally difficult and stressful for all concerned.